2016 the safest place

Open Studio @Art OMI International Artists’ Residency, New York, 2016 

The Safest Place
_Oil on linen

2017 Painting

죽은 남자에 대한 보상 문제 _Compensation Issues for the Dead Man_148X148cm_oil on canvas_2017

 맹인의 전망 Outlook for the Blind/ oil on canvas / 137X183cm / 2017

 인간이라는 식물 기르기 The Training of the Human Plant/ acrylic&oil on canvas 
 194X130, 162X97, 162X112, 194X130cm Quadriptych/ 2017

세상은 아버지들로 가득 차 있었다 The world was full of fathers_가변크기_oil on canvas_2017

2017 Solo: The Closed Circle

Solo Exhibition

폐쇄적 써클 
The Closed Circle 

2015 Series of Undecidable and Non-discardable

Vivid hwahwa 2015
Competition Cultural Foundation supports creative professional art project

 "Time Collector“

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan

Series of Undecidable and Non-discardable_ oil on canvas_
from left 100X194, 227X173, 183X137, 60X73, 254X112, 73X100, 183X137, 153X108cm_2015

2015 Blue Painting Series

@Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan

폐쇄적 써클 The Closing Circle, oil on canvas,148x194cm, 2015

물은 낮은 곳으로 흐른다 Water flows into the low place, oil on canvas, 148x194cm, 2015

부드러운 지면 The Mellow Land, oil on canvas, 148x194cm, 2015

2015 Solo: Relics in their Integrity, Paju

2015 Solo Show

Relics in their Integrity

Mimesis Art Museum, Paju

2015 Mind’s Eye View

2015 심감도 展, 스페이스K, 과천

Mind’s Eye View: Yuna Park& Suyoung Heo

Space K, Gwacheon

Undecidable and Non-discardable_oil on canvas_183X274cm Diptych_2015

Undecidable and Non-discardable_oil on canvas, acrylic on wall_2015

망가진 바다_Broken Sea _ 187.5X137.5cm _ oil on canvas _ 2013

집단적 기억의 주인공_Protagonist of Collective Memory_183X137cm_oil on canvas_2014

검은 바위 Black Rock_Oil on canvas_162X130cm_2014