Thursday, September 22, 2011

2011 Solo Exhibition_"Inside n' Nightside"_Zaha Museum, Seoul

2011 Solo Exhibition

안과 밤
Inside n' Nightside

Zaha Museum, Seoul

2011. 09. 21. Wed -10.30. Sun

 밤의 황제_Emperor of Night_182X227cm_oil on canvas_2011

발언_Speech_130X162cm_oil on canvas_2011

 문화당서점_used bookstore_137.5X183.5cm_oil on canvas_2011 

 야경_night watch_130X162cm_oil on canvas_2011

 유리_cage_112X162cm_oil on canvas_2011

청년_youth_137.5X183.5cm_oil on canvas_2011

해바라기_suntrap_97X130cm_oil on canvas_2011

하늘 그림자_shadow of sky_oil on canvas, acrylic on wall_가변크기_2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

2011 Mar_'Up-and-Comers 신진기예'

From Left

침입자 Intruder_187X137cm_oil on canvas_2010
육식의 종말 Beyond Beef_182X227cm_oil on canvas_2010
조용한 침묵_Silent Silence_dia. 100cm_oil on canvas_2010
Took 3 days for wall painting.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Extraordinary Time Travel

2009 ‘The Extraordinary Time Travel,'  Woljeon Museum of Art Icheon, Icheon, Korea

whole view of installation

'Nobody'_oil on canvas& acrylic on wall_canvas size: 130X194cm_2009

Process of Wall drawing