Monday, May 9, 2016

2015 <결정 지을 수 없고 버릴 수도 없는>연작

Vivid hwahwa 2015
Competition Cultural Foundation supports creative professional art project

 "Time Collector“

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan

Series of "Can’t be Decided, Can’t be Thrown away"
oil on canvas,
canvas size from left: 39.4X76.4in/89.5X68in/72X53.9in/23.8X28.6in/
100X44in/28.6X39.4in/72X53.9in/60.2X42.5in, 2015
100X194cm, 227X173cm, 183X137cm, 60X73cm, 254X112cm, 73X100cm, 183X137cm, 153X108cm 8

39.4X76.4in/ 100X194cm

89.5X68in/ 227X173cm

23.8X28.6in/ 60X73cm

100X44in/ 254X112cm

28.6X39.4in/ 73X100cm

60.2X42.5in/ 153X108cm

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