Monday, May 9, 2016

2015 <결정 지을 수 없고 버릴 수도 없는>연작/ Series of

Vivid hwahwa 2015
Competition Cultural Foundation supports creative professional art project

 "Time Collector“

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Ansan

Series of
oil on canvas,
canvas size from left: 39.4X76.4in/89.5X68in/72X53.9in/23.8X28.6in/
100X44in/28.6X39.4in/72X53.9in/60.2X42.5in, 2015
100X194cm, 227X173cm, 183X137cm, 60X73cm, 254X112cm, 73X100cm, 183X137cm, 153X108cm 8

39.4X76.4in/ 100X194cm

89.5X68in/ 227X173cm

23.8X28.6in/ 60X73cm

100X44in/ 254X112cm

28.6X39.4in/ 73X100cm

60.2X42.5in/ 153X108cm

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